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We believe in creating an atmosphere of community and discipleship. And we believe that everyone is important in the Kingdom of God. That's why we offer ministries to every age group here at Grace. One of the easiest ways to get involved with people in similar life experiences as yourself is to find a gGroup that you would enjoy being in.

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For information on other ministries, please contact the following:

Nursery & Preschool (0-5yrs) – Bethany Kelley

gKidz (K-5th Grade) – Dr. Charlotte Gerry

Regen Students (6th - 12th Grade) – Roland Cuevas

Men – Roland Cuevas

Adults – Ryan Schinneller

Seasoned Adults – Roger Stark

gkidz ministry page

Nursery& Preschool/gKidz
Sundays at 10:30am (5th Sundays all kids are in the main service)

This is more than just watching the kiddos while the adults are in the worship service. Our workers are praying over babies, teaching Bible stories and are involving the children in a music program all in a safe and fun environment.

For the elementary aged boys and girls, Gkidz is designed to grow them in their walk with the Lord, establish a firm Biblical foundation in their life, and learn the heart and ways of the Lord.

We have games, trivia challenges (Pop Quiz), Sword Drills, Bible verse memory quizzes, crazy fun song and dances and so much more to keep the service moving. Children earn Gbucks or Bible Bucks they can use to buy fun prizes or candy at the end of every service. Every week your child will come home knowing: “The Big Idea”. So ask them…”Hey, what’s the Big Idea today?”

Our goal is to establish such a strong foundation and love for the Lord and church that they will never turn away from Him as a teenager or adult. We don’t believe in a junior Holy Spirit either. God gives kids extraordinary faith and comprehension of His Word when taught in a way they can grasp. We go into every service expecting God to move and change lives.
regen ministry

REGEN (student ministry)

Regeneration Youth (Students 6th-12th grade) are invited to come hang out with others and grow in relationship with God on the second floor at Grace. Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm.